Lighthouse Blankenberge

Lighthouse Blankenberge - 1 Lighthouse Blankenberge (August 2014) - #2

The lighthouse stands east of the harbor entrance.

The lighthouse is not open to the public and it can’t be climbed.

Name: Blankenberge
Built: 1954
Tower height: 32,5 m
Light height (above sea level): 33,9 m
Stair treads: 121
Manned: No
Open to the public: No

Furthermore Lighthouse Blankenberge is near the following sights: VVW Marina Blankenberge (±225 m), Kids karting Leopoldpark (±550 m), Minigolf Leopoldpark (±550 m), Sportland Bowling (±850 m) & Black Light Mini Golf (±900 m).

For information:

Zeedijk 1, Blankenberge