Folkloric Harbor Festivals 2018


At the Harbor Festivals in Blankenberge visitors can completely immerse themselves in the fascinating world of fishermen and fishing.

There is a harbor funfair, and an antique and flea market where you can also try all sorts of delicacies from the sea. At the 'Scutefeest' you can marvel to the rich maritime heritage. There is a boat race with old lifeboats in the harbor channel, a folk dance festival, there are rescue demonstrations, a giant tour, a large fishing procession and the 'North Sea Folk & Shanty Festival'. The Shanty Festival brings (inter)national choirs together and sing traditional fishing songs. Furthermore, there is also an annual floral tribute at the monument of the deceased sailors, it is a moment of reflection during the exuberant festivities. Moreover, there is also an annual fishing pilgrimage organized to Meetkerke.

Location: Haven

Website: www.havenfeesten.be


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