Aquafun De Haan

Aquafun De HaanAquafun De Haan

Aquafun in Sunparks de Haan offers waterfun for the whole family. During your stay access to waterfun is free everyday. Aquafun is open everyday from 10am to 6pm. Imagine all of this while in the middle of lush vegetation, in a gentle subtropical heat. The Swimming Pool is on ...

Wenduinesteenweg 150, De Haan
tel. +32 504 295 96
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The 'Autodroom' is a circuit where you can drive around under the Pier. The good thing is that the circuit is only meant for go karts so you don't have to watch out for pedestrians.

Zeedijk 260, Blankenberge
tel. +32 495 505 330
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Lustige Velodroom

Lustige VelodroomLustige Velodroom

With some 70 comic bicycles is 'De Lustige Velodroom' an attraction for young and old on the beach of Blankenberge. Come visit us and take a ride on our round wooden track on one of the most peculiar bicycles in ...

Strand, Blankenberge
tel. 049 625 725 4
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Scorpions, pythons, boas, rattlesnakes, we know to appreciate them, only when they're behind thick glass of course! Discover the many species in this unique reptile zoo. All terrariums are recreated true to nature, with a diversity of flora and fauna. The information signs next to the cages show ...

Zeedijk 146, Blankenberge
tel. 050 423 162
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Belle Epoque Centrum

Belle Epoque Centrum

The Belle Epoque Center introduces you to the former glory of the Belle Epoque, a period from about 1870 to 1914 in which the European bourgeoisie went through a reasonable time of prosperity. It was then when Blankenberge developed itself ...

Elisabethstraat 24, Blankenberge
tel. 050 428 741
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Lighthouse Blankenberge

Lighthouse BlankenbergeLighthouse Blankenberge

The lighthouse stands east of the harbor entrance. The lighthouse is not open to the public and it can’t be climbed. Characteristic Name: Blankenberge Built: ...

Zeedijk 1, Blankenberge
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The Pier of Blankenberge was built in 1933 according to a design of Jules Soete. It's made of concrete and goes 350 meters (quarter mile) into the North Sea. Nowadays the pier is a leisure area with various catering facilities, an ...

Zeedijk 261, Blankenberge
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VVW Marina Blankenberge

VVW Marina BlankenbergeVVW Marina Blankenberge

VVW Blankenberge is located on the Flemish coast and lies halfway between the French and the Dutch border, three miles to the south of the harbor of Zeebrugge. The harbor of ...

Wenduinsesteenweg 3-4, Blankenberge
tel. +32 504 175 36
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Casino Blankenberge

Casino BlankenbergeCasino Blankenberge

You're one of us in the Casino of Blankenberge. A vibrant and hip environment where everything goes en the opportunities are up for grasps. Enjoy live entertainment, the trendy restaurant, the cozy bar and the most exciting casino games. ...

Zeedijk 150, Blankenberge
tel. +32 504 320 20
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Those who want to see the Zwinstreek region from a different angle, the Sincfala Museum offers a unique opportunity The museum is housed in an old school, where still lessons were taught to navigators and fishermen for some time. Hence an old fishing class was reconstructed in the museum. ...

Pannenstraat 140, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 308 72
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Casino Knokke

Casino KnokkeCasino Knokke

Who mentions casino, automatically thinks of a gambling hall. Of course in Knokke you can play like any other Casino in the world: American roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean Stud Poker and you can try your luck at one of our slot machines. But ...

Zeedijk-Albertstrand 509, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 305 00
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Seafront Maritiem

Seafront MaritiemSeafront Maritiem

Those who always wanted to know what it's like in a world class harbor or fishing market, finds satisfying answers in Seafront, the maritime theme park at the old fish market of Zeebrugge. You'll hear old fishermen tell their stories about the ...

Vismijnstraat 7, Zeebrugge
tel. +32 505 514 15
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Museum Paul Delvaux

Museum Paul DelvauxMuseum Paul Delvaux

Away from the crowd you can find the heart of the coastal Flemish art. In the midst of the Sint Idesbald living area one can get an insight into the life of artist Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). The doubter eventually went along with the foundation and the museum. Nowadays we may count ourselves lucky ...

Paul Delvauxlaan 42, Sint-Idesbald
tel. +32 585 212 29
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Harbor Tours Zeebrugge

Harbor Tours ZeebruggeHarbor Tours Zeebrugge

Get on board, and visit the first Belgian offshore wind farm! During this tour you'll learn all about coastal shipping. Port signaling, several buoys and beacons, marine birds and sea mammals. You cross the international shipping route with the windmill park on the Thorntonbank as the final ...

Jacques Brelsteiger - Tijdokstraat, Zeebrugge
tel. +32 597 062 94
mail. E-mail
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Plopsaland De Panne is a vast theme park at the Belgian coast. Enjoy the thrills of some 40 attractions and the magical environment in which they’re set! Imagine you’re a brave knight and enter the Castle Zone to go for a ride on the Dragon’s ...

Book tickets online De Pannelaan 68, De Panne
tel. +32 584 202 02
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