Blankenberge, family beach resort of Belgium


If there is a coastal town that is full of energy, and is attractive to everyone, it must be Blankenberge. This is mainly due to the truly unmatched offer of family entertainment and nice sights. There is just always something to do! You can stroll down the boulevard, rest your feet at one of the many restaurants or simply enjoy the beach on a beautiful day.

Strand Blankenberge

This lively spa-town is an exciting place for young families and for families with teenagers who do not like to be bored. It is therefore the noisiest and most colourful town of the Belgian coast. The wide boulevard has room for hikers, skaters and furthermore everyone moving somewhere except the ones using motor vehicles. Blankenberghe is a genuine ‘working class’ spa-town. The beach promenade looks like a fairground and the overcrowded beach is a popular picnic spot. Besides a wide range of outdoors and indoors sports activities, Blankenberghe also offers countless opportunities for people who love shopping, people who love food and people who enjoy contemporary entertainment. The amusement parks and the bars, the casino, the funny Velodroom, the shopping streets with their unique boutiques, the nightclubs and discotheques and the picturesque restaurants are the heart of this lively holiday destination, that welcomes its guests in a friendly atmosphere.


Hikers will enjoy De Fonteintjes (the area of dunes between Blankenberge and Zeebrugge) to their heart’s content. The Nordic playground is there for the children, where they can enjoy a ride on horses or ponies.

Bouvelard Blankenberge

The old fishing port was transformed into a state of the art, hospitable marina with all the necessary facilities. The local yachting clubs organize several sailing competitions, that have a colourful effect on the view of the blue sea.


The beach is three kilometres in length and 350 metres wide at low tide, and has all the comfort the real sunbather wishes for. The beach and its surroundings also have a lot to offer for the more active tourist. A beautiful and popular sandy beach with a genuine pier and a lot of beach pavilions in summer. A nice wide and lengthy sand beach of light sand near the beautiful and quiet sea. The Pier of Blankenberge dominates the entire beach. It is a unique structure consisting of a lengthy jetty that stretches out into the sea, leading to a wonderful circle-shaped building. Blankenberge is a marvellous spa-town where you can really enjoy the terraces at the bars and restaurants. On hot summer days, there is a good atmosphere at the beach, which is often crowded with surfers.


Blankenberge will truly amaze you. Pleasant shopping streets, which are even cleared of any traffic in summer. If you just ignore the crowds and look beyond the beach, you will discover wonderful Art Nouveau heritage below the boulevard. A special route takes you hiking past the most beautiful houses.

You can enjoy hours of shopping in the pleasant shopping streets, after which you can please your appetite with fresh lobster at the harbour. To experience some excitement you can go kite surfing or try to take one of the funny bikes at the Lustige Velodroom for a ride. At night you can visit the lovely evening market or stroll down the Pier during sunset.


The prime attraction of Blankenberge still is the Pier, a unique structure at the Belgian coast: a 350 metre long jetty stretching out into the sea, built in 1933. The Pier makes you feel like you are able to walk on water, while walking to the monumental circle-shaped building. Inside is a cosy tavern and an exhibition room. The auditorium is located four metres below sea level and can be used as a cinema with enough room for up to 80 visitors.

Another famous building in Blankenberge is the Paravang, or wind screen. This stylish structure, dating from the Belle Époque period, still is a silent witness of the fashionable spa tourism of the early twentieth century today. While you sit down here daydreaming, you have a lovely view over the nearby harbour and the Leopoldpark.

There also is a reptile zoo, Het Serpertarium, located at the Zeedijk. During the summer months it is open every day. You will learn everything about the many exotic animals in their natural habitat, as all terrariums are a true rendering of nature with a diversity of fauna and flora.


The Pier of Blankenberge was built in 1933 according to a design of Jules Soete. It's made of concrete and goes 350 meters (quarter mile) into the North Sea. Nowadays the pier is a leisure area with various catering facilities, an auditorium and an exhibition space.

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Sea Life Blankenberge

Sea Life Blankenberge gives you the opportunity to see the magical underwater world. You will get to stand face to face with all kinds animals living in the sea such as sharks, sea turtles, sea horses and many other species. The best feature is the 8-metres long tunnel under water, by means of which you see around 70 species of fish ...

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Lighthouse Blankenberge

The lighthouse stands east of the harbor entrance. The lighthouse is not open to the public and it can’t be climbed. Characteristic Name: Blankenberge Built: 1954 Tower height: 32,5 m Light height (above sea level): 33,9 m Stair ...

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At last Blankenberge organizes many appealing festivals and events. Recommended are the annual Carnival procession in February and the traditional Bloemenstoet (flower procession), on the last Sunday of August.