Events in Blankenberge

In the summer there is almost daily something organized in (the region of) Blankenberge. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.


Storm trek

The annual Storm trek takes place in Blankenberge. The perfect opportunity to get to know the city covered in an autumn carpet a little better. Along beach, dike and the green outskirts of ...


Christmas Event & ice rink

An ice rink at the Koning Leopold III-plein in Blankenberge. From the beginning of December you can skate there. The rink is open until early January. There are food and drink stalls, and various activities are organized. Everyone is of course very welcome!


Gezellig winters sfeerplein met doorlopende animatie. 3 gezellige, winterse avonden in magische belle-époquestijl. In het Belle Epoque Centrum zullen opnieuw pareltjes van taferelen uit het gouden tijdperk te bewonderen zijn en de smulkraampjes in de Elisabethstraat zullen niet ontbreken.



Ijsberen in de Noordzee met vooraf carnavaleske opwarming op het strand en achteraf mogelijkheid tot gratis warme duik in het Farys-Noordzeebad. Inschrijven kan de dag zelf. van 15.00 tot 16.30 uur


Internationale Zweitägige von Flandern

There is the spring season, and there is the International Two Days of Flanders. The core of this two-day event will also remain unchanged during this edition: a beautiful trail along the beach, dunes and through the polders and picturesque villages. The theme of the village of the medal and badge, ...


Folkloric Harbor Festivals

At the Harbor Festivals in Blankenberge visitors can completely immerse themselves in the fascinating world of fishermen and fishing. There is a harbor funfair, and an antique and flea market where you can also try all sorts of delicacies from the sea. At the 'Scutefeest' you can marvel ...



Beach Land, the biggest dance festival on the Belgian coast on the beach of Blankenberge-De Haan-Wenduine (next to the West Pier), has developed into the beach festival in Belgium since ...


De traditionele Zeezegening in Blankenberge betekende vroeger het begin van het badseizoen. Geen inwoner van dit oude vissersplaatsje ging de zee in voor de zeewijding had plaats gevonden. Die traditie bestaat nu nog altijd. Bij het staketsel is er nog ieder ...


Paravang Festivities

At the Paravang the Paravang Festivities are celebrated each year, and then the fisher's folklore come in the spotlight. The fisher folklore group 'The Vrye Visscherye' demonstrates old crafts and fish bakers let visitors sample freshly fried fish. Fans of folk games definitely have something to do with trou madame, ...


Flower Parade

The Flower Parade in Blankenberge is the traditional closing of the summer season in the coastal town. The Flower Parade was first organized in 1895 and therefore boasts a long history. The floral event is organized by the City of ...


Heritage Days

The annually held Heritage Days Flanders takes place in the beginning of September. Places where art and culture was emerged and experienced is the bottom line of the program again. Can't wait to see what's in the program? Then take a look at the theme notes in which the theme is presented. Already mark early August ...



Blankenberge is transformed into a scary town! Numerous activities are organized around Halloween, for people of all ages! 27 Oct. > 4 Nov. 2018 Halloween Fun fair. Location: Grote Markt. Sat. 28 Oct. 2018 - 16:30 hrs Children's ...