Internationale Zweitägige von Flandern 2020

eventsEarly May

There is the spring season, and there is the International Two Days of Flanders. The core of this two-day event will also remain unchanged during this edition: a beautiful trail along the beach, dunes and through the polders and picturesque villages. The theme of the village of the medal and badge, Vlissegem is perhaps less known, but certainly can compare with the likes of Lissewege and Zuienkerke.

A passage of some 10,000 walkers can not remain unnoticed of course, we do not want to turn a blind eye to the consequences it may have on the environment. Remember to your keep your trash to a minimum, and any trash that you do have put in the correct bins. In addition, public transportation remains the quickest way to the Grote Markt of Blankenberge, and to the start and finish of the two-day.

The six-kilometer-walk remains a perfect family walk, with workshops on life in the sea and bouncy castles galore. Again, the different routes are a little changed, and the entertainment program was revamped. Reason enough this year to re-take the path to Blankenberge again. We already can't wait to welcome you!

Location: Grote Markt



marker Grote Markt

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