Blankenberge Lighthouse

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The Blankenberge Lighthouse, also known as Comte Jean Jetty, stands as a historical monument on the Flemish coast, narrating the story of navigation, war, and maritime advancement.

What can you expect at the Blankenberge Lighthouse?

The Blankenberge Lighthouse offers a unique insight into the history of maritime navigation and defense along the Belgian coast.


Practical Information

The Blankenberge Lighthouse, with its rich history and characteristic appearance, remains an important symbol of the city and a must-see for anyone visiting the Belgian coast.

Furthermore Blankenberge Lighthouse is near the following sights: VVW Blankenberge Marina (±225 m), Kids Karting Leopoldpark (±550 m), Recreation Park Leopoldpark (±550 m), Sportland (±850 m) & Black Light Mini Golf (±900 m).

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