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Sea Life Blankenberge - The Popular Sea Aquarium on the Belgian Coast

Discover the mysterious depths of the oceans and come face to face with a fascinating variety of marine life.

What Can You Expect?

Experience the Wonders of the Sea

Sea Life Blankenberge offers a delightful experience for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone fascinated by the wonders of marine life. It's an ideal outing for an educational and entertaining day.

Discover the wonders of the sea at Sea Life Blankenberge!

Furthermore Sea Life Blankenberge is near the following sights: Bowl Inn Blankenberge (±225 m), De Sportdoze (±300 m), O'Neill Beachclub (±500 m), De Fonteintjes (±700 m) & Lustige Velodroom (±750 m).

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Koning Albert-I-laan 116, Blankenberge
tel. +32 504 243 00 
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