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Dive into the exquisite world of the Belle Époque, a golden age from around 1870 to 1914, at the Belle Époque Centre in Blankenberge. Discover the history and grandeur of a time when the European bourgeoisie thrived and Blankenberge emerged as a leading seaside resort.

What can you expect at the Belle Époque Centre?

Practical Information

Experience the splendour and elegance of a bygone era and discover the rich history of Blankenberge at the Belle Époque Centre.

Furthermore Belle Epoque Centrum is near the following sights: Casino Blankenberge (±175 m), Black Light Mini Golf (±400 m), Lustige Velodroom (±400 m), Sportland (±450 m) & Recreation Park Leopoldpark (±700 m).

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Elisabethstraat 24, Blankenberge
tel. +32 506 366 40 
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